Dr Rob Szabo

Accredited General Practitioner at The Low Carb Clinic

"I am a GP and work in a clinic using a ketogenic/low carb diet with patients in an effort to lose weight, reverse diabetes and improve health. I use the Low Carb Gourmet meals and products both personally and recommend them to all my patients.  The products are great tasting, convenient and of a highly nutritious.  The service is also second to none!"

Dr Tim Wood

Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician

"I recommend Low Carb Gourmet meals to many of my patients who are time poor but needing to adopt a low carb, healthy fat lifestyle to aid in their weight loss. There is a wide variety of delicious meals who are easy to prepare at home or take to work for lunch. By adhering to the principles of producing real food with minimal sugar or carbohydrate content, everyone can benefit from reduced hunger and increased energy"

Andre Obradovic

Coach, Speaker & Ambassador - http://www.loseyourbelly.com.au

"My clients have found it invaluable to be able to order food from Low Carb Gourmet to support their busy low carb lifestyle."

Andre Obradovic is a fully accredited leadership and mind set coach with the International Coaching Federation.  He is also an Ambassador for The Noakes Foundation, a non-profit corporation founded for public health benefit. This foundation aims to advance medical science’s understanding of the benefits of a low-carb high fat approach. 

Kim Thomas

Melbourne Bioresonance Clinic

"Thank you Low Carb Gourmet for making such delicious meals bursting with flavour and love. The meals are always fresh and very healthy"

“When we decided to drop the carbs from our diet, I found there were times when It was difficult, and seemed like a lot of hard work to avoid carbs, particularly when we arrived home late and need a quick dinner, and also when buying lunch at work.

Ordering a few items each week from Low Carb Gourmet has solved my problems, now I always have delicious, filling low carb meals in the fridge and freezer ready to go when I need them. We also enjoy a few sweet treats, and we love the seed crackers served with soft cheeses, Delicious!!"  - Kerry

“Thoroughly enjoying this terrific low carb food! It's so convenient to have some meals in the freezer for those times when i'm not well or very busy to heat up in a flash! It also makes it easier for me to eat well for weight loss and diabetes while I cook other meals for my partner and child who have different nutritional needs. The business is also very responsive and easy to deal with." - Margaret Barkley

"I am loving your gourmet low carb food! I have lost weight and feel much healthier since eating your food.  Its great to know that there are no hidden nasties in the food, it tastes great and really helps with my LCHF diet.  My favourite items are the Spinach & Goats cheese pie and the yummy vanilla cakes – keep up the great cooking!" - Karen C. 

"I used to spend most of my time cooking healthy, low carb meals which left me completely exhausted. After working all day, walking my dog, going to the gym and then cooking dinner - often I wouldn't eat until 10pm. I tried a lot of other major food delivery supplies however, a lot of them contained preservatives, too many carbs or didn't provide the flexibility to choose the meals I wanted. 

The food from Low Carb Gourmet makes tastes amazing. It's fresh, clean and I don't ever feel as if i'm on a "diet". Best of all, i'm no longer stressed out about what I have to eat and how much of my life will be taken up by cooking. I still enjoy my own cooking every now and then, however it's now become a pleasurable experience thanks to Low Carb Gourmet taking most of hard work off my hands." - Jenna Harris